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About ITN

Our mission at Imagine the Next is to contribute to the awakening of humanity's creativity and interconnectedness. Created and founded by visionary Janine James, Imagine the Next is her creative mission, the culmination of original concepts and methods she created and developed for over fifteen years at The Moderns.

Humanity is on the precipice of an evolutionary leap in consciousness. As conscious creatives, we intend to serve in co-creating a human-centered world that reflects our universal divine intelligence. We are an organization for emergent consciousness dedicated to the positive evolution of people, planet, and spirit.

We offer our vision and service to clients,
students, and co-creators with two models
of participation:

Both the STUDIO and the INSTITUTE follow our universal process to co-create multidisciplinary, holistic solutions from the highest frequency of creative consciousness.

We are currently in process of sharing more about our vision, mission,
and offerings. 







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