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Always a breeze

When rescuer is in town

Reversing clutter

They say she is a divine feminine

Just watch her take that divine movement

Then you will know

but you can’t know her

Possibly to fragile at first

But you can’t forget

That scrumptious divine support

She gave it

Why dread it

See that shooting pain

It’s a shooting star

a fireball clearing


Now That divine movement can move

after Clutter comes brilliance

punishment is the shadow of brilliance

Tread with certainty

No childhood dread

Creativity is a furnace fueled

By fiery brilliance

It’s a locomotive movement

It’s a shooting star

Sent from spirit

Disguised as “your” creativity

Take the movement

It’s yours to take

Divine feminine

In a Fireball breeze

Art and Poetry by Janine James

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