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We have received and developed a beautiful process to help wake ourselves and fellow journeyers from the hypnosis of our conditioning that keeps us limited to the current beliefs and structures of the current paradigm. We have designed a sequential journey that helps us access the field of infinite potential and possibilities and flow with unlimited imagination, creativity, solutions, and manifestations.


It helps us to remember that we are humans “beings,” not human “doings.” We are complete unlimited potential.

Take No Thought



Does the caterpillar take thought to emerge as a beautiful butterfly?

Does the seed take thought to become a majestic tree?

Does the divine spark of creativity take thought before realizing how it will manifest?

Here at Imagine The Next, we believe that our quantum leap in evolution will not come from the limitations of the active thinking of the intellectual mind, but rather from our infinite potential, from simply being and receiving the inspiration and universal intelligence needed to create an entirely new paradigm that reflects our evolved human consciousness.


By taking no thought, we step into the flow of universal intelligence. By tuning to and embodying the frequency of this “being” state, we connect to the space between the thoughts from which we receive creative consciousness.

Jump Into The Unknown



Uncertainty is a gift that reminds us we live in a quantum field of infinite possibilities. And the way
to access this field of infinite potential is to jump
into the unknown.

Just as imaginal cells are magically activated to emerge as a butterfly, creatives are often naturally able to get into the flow, to be in the space between the thoughts, and to create impactful creative concepts. Through the activation of imaginal cells, we unlock our unlimited potential.


The time has come for us to jump into the unknown, to hold space, and to trust conscious creatives to help lead the way in co-creating an entirely new paradigm.

The time has come to
Imagine The Next.




We find our connection to the quantum field of infinite possibilities, by simply “being” that which we are, pure consciousness. From here we enter the space between the thoughts, a powerful state of being in the present moment. We engage in practices to let go of what we know, how we interact with ourselves and our world, in order to cultivate our connection to higher consciousness and elevate our frequency so we can create from this place.

Breathwork, Meditation, Yogic sciences, Sound healing, Voice work, Nature immersion, Constellation work, Somatic body scanning, Other therapeutic psychology practices 




We recognize creativity as how we embody and animate universal consciousness through our unique prisms. We liberate our authentic self, learning to trust our heart’s intelligence and express through the body. Here we begin to embody universal intelligence as creative consciousness; we become channels for consciousness to manifest through our unique prism. By discovering our authentic selves and unique gifts, we can use them to serve the world.

Body Movement & Dance, Painting, Sculpting, Journaling, Poetry, Archetypal work and Storytelling, Theater, Photography, EFT, Psychomagic, Evolutive Tarot 




We are given the time and space to retreat and integrate our transformation. We create and share our creative concept, simplifying and communicating this seed we have received without compromising its high-level original consciousness. We emerge as the ultimate embodiment of our creative mission. We activate inspired action to support the physical manifestation of our concepts as they begin to shape and take form.

High frequency studio time, Frequency Art, Flow state work, Embodied technology classes, Visionary statement writing, Power of the Word
(i.e., sound current), Leadership training




ITN version of an apprenticeship. Through inspired action, we go out and plant our seeds of creative consciousness in our communities and around the world. Leaders are there to offer guidance, experience, and mentorship to help hold space for concepts to sustain their high frequency. By helping creatives plant their seeds, we help grow a new paradigm of universal humans: one that reflects our evolved consciousness, one that honors people, planet, and spirit.

Conscious coaching, Mentoring, Virtual group support, Media & Communications, Connecting/Networking opportunities 

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