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STUDIO formerly THE MODERNS a NYC based creative agency, is taking another quantum leap, leaving “design thinking” behind to focus on design through creative consciousness grounded in the frequency of “being” and “receiving” as a means to manifest the full potential of creative concepts and then taking the movement of inspired action.

Imagine The Next Studio™ is a natural evolution of The Moderns—a pioneer in design thinking, solutionist thinking, and creative consciousness focused on culture-building alchemy that was realized by Janine James over 26 years ago. The Moderns was highly creative and innovative in transcending old school creativity and design techniques by understanding “design, product development, interior design, and branding” as cultural anthropology and by applying wholistic mind, body, and spirit practices. 

Imagine The Next Studio™ is taking another quantum leap in leaving “design thinking” behind to focus on design and creative consciousness grounded in frequency and focusing on “being” and “receiving.” Creatives at the STUDIO collaborate to support businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that are people, planet, and spirit centered to align with their highest potential. We are here to help clients find their authentic voice and culture: their own cultural consciousness. 

Imagine The Next Studio™ is a creative studio and agency serving clients who are concentrating on creating a culture and a brand that invests in and supports a people, planet, spirit world of consciousness. We serve to help them create a culture that authentically attracts customers.


Our STUDIO also works on commissioned “Frequency Art” installations that can be experienced and activated at diverse scales and mediums. These installations serve to open and awaken our evolving consciousness in communities around the world. 

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