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Contribute to Our Mission


Our ability to support creatives to strengthen their connections to creative consciousness and to create from this unlimited space, free from the evaluations, measures, and limitations of the current paradigm depends on your support. These creatives include designers, fine artists, musicians, non-local and local scientists and practitioners, poets and writers, dancers, growers, educators, and more.


Your contributions allows us to produce interconnected programs and curriculums; offer classes and workshops; produce global scale frequency art projects in diverse communities; activate a creative education revolution; support creatives to be in their full power well above the poverty line most exist at currently; to publish exciting work by new creatives; and offer pop-up, global “solutionist” in residency spaces in a multidisciplinary diverse environment of co-creation. All so these creatives can manifest their full powerful contributions as seeds of evolutionary ideas toward creating a people, planet, spirit centered world.

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