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The Vision


Humanity is on the precipice of a huge leap in evolution: a metamorphosis of human consciousness. What will it take for humanity to move beyond the decline of our current paradigm that is dominated by achievement and intellectual abilities which are seemingly controlled by the rational mind? Ultimately, the concept of control is an illusion of the ego. It seems humanity is experiencing the result of a world created from the limitations of the rational mind, apparently separated from our consciousness and heart intelligence 

Uncertainty and crisis are the perfect catalyst to wake up our imaginal cells and activate our collective metamorphosis. What potential might we access if we observe our problems as evolutionary drivers, as our ultimate solutions?

When we consider this paradigm, can you think of any system that is not in need of being redesigned? Healthcare and wellness, education, banking, business and finance, the arts and arts institutions, urban planning and architecture, media, material sciences, law and litigious systems, food systems, community health, religious and spiritual depletion, marriage, family and community dynamics - to name a few.


Now more than ever we need the brilliance of conscious creatives to serve was catalyst and evolution drivers to help us Imagine The Next. 


Connecting with the truth that we live in an quantum field of infinite potential, we can access universal intelligence which is received and embodied as creative consciousness. From this space between the thoughts we will Imagine The Next and realize an entirely new paradigm.

We will need an abundance of conscious creative leadership to help us to create and design this new people, planet, and spirit-centered world. This is why one of our the most important aspects of our mission at Imagine The Next is to cultivate, mentor, and support creatives in leadership roles globally. At Imagine The Next Studio and Institute, we are ready to offer our the space, support and advocacy to cultivate and use their creative consciousness to serve the world.

What is CC?


Beyond the ego and intellect, creative consciousness is the manifestation of universal wisdom and the means through which highly creative visions manifest on the material plane. In truth, creativity is our divinity; in essence, we are unlimited creative potential. We create our own reality, including how others engage with us. Creativity is how we embody and animate universal consciousness through our individual prisms. What we create is not “ours.” Rather, we are the channel for these ideas to ground on the physical plane. Creativity is not about motivation, the ego’s determination to accomplish external goals for validation. Conscious creativity is pure inspiration that moves us to fulfill our unique mission. Our work as conscious creatives is to hold the highest frequency possible and follow the universal creative sequence to receive and actualize inspired ideas in their full power and potential for the benefit of people, planet, and spirit.


Creation is a matter of being in the highest frequency to sustain the flow and equilibrium at each phase of the universal creative sequence, as a concept shapes and forms into concrete physical form. Concepts received in the space between the thoughts of a gifted creative come tuned with the “how.” The means awaken as a creative concept has the space and correct pace to gestate through the sequence. Universal sequencing wakes up each imaginal cell of a concept received during this beautiful creation, gestating its way to manifestation.


Our current paradigm gives power to the limitations of rationally understanding “how” something is possible as a means to evaluate the potential of “what” is being created prematurely in the creative process. People tend to favor the rational intellect over universal intelligence and creative consciousness. Thus, profound creative concepts are often dismissed as infeasible before their unlimited potential can physically manifest and have positive impact. We then become hypnotized by our apparent limitations and cycle back into thinking that there is something to attain, to do, or to achieve, rather than simply let these ideas “be” and trust the imaginal cells will wake up.


However, when we allow ourselves to jump into the unknown and focus on the “what,” trusting that the “how” will come, we remain connected with the field of infinite creative potential, in consciousness beyond the mind and the intellect. By holding space to “be” with what is received and patiently gestate this creative consciousness, we will eventually know how to “do” it through inspired action. After all, we are not human “doings.” We are brilliant human “beings” of infinite creative potential.


We understand, as nature teaches us, that once the “what” has had time to gestate, in the perfect moment we naturally know “how” to manifest a creative concept received. A concept received through the channel of a conscious creative being comes tuned with the frequency and imaginal cells needed for the vision to eventually shape into physical manifestation - just as the full potential for a butterfly exists in the caterpillar. If a creative concept is not meant to manifest, or it is meant to be reshaped, this too will be revealed in this process. Conscious creatives innately understand and trust this natural sequencing. We refer to the imaginal cells that inform the rational part of the sequence as inspired action.


Through inspired action we understand the instructions will be revealed, and we will attract all that is needed for the rational “how” to be understood and the creative concept brought into form. When we honor this universal sequencing, the final manifestation will then hold the original frequency of the universal intelligence from which it was received, just as a tree holds the life force that was pulsing inside the seed.


So let’s be and trust we will receive all that is needed to manifest our infinite creative solutions. (This is actually what is always happening. We simply assume we are the doers and that, thanks to our rational mind, we know how to “control” the creative process. This is the work of our untamed egos, the faithful servant of the rational mind.)


As we are all one, each one of us has an important role we are called to play in a sequence. Since creatives innately understand that the “how” will always come, they give their attention in the present moment to the powerful pulse of the original idea received. They understand this original creative pulse is vital in awakening imaginal cells. It is not everyone’s place to be part of this early reception of the creative sequence. Their role may be further along the sequence once the idea has gestated into a more concrete state.


It is important for us to trust and defer to those creatives whose place it is to receive a creative concept in the earliest stage of the sequence. We must hold space for them to attune to the highest vibration and consciousness of their creative concepts and bring these visions down in their full potential, so that the frequency can be held throughout the entire gestation. The tuning attracts and informs each person as they find their place and join the sequence.


There is only to be, to receive, and to gestate through the universal sequence; the rational understanding for how to bring a creative impulse to manifestation will come as inspired action directed by what was originally received from the creative.


Inspired action is one of the essential keys to unlocking conscious creativity. Under the current rational paradigm, people associate action with “doing,” as in striving, enduring, and overcoming difficulty. Action out of alignment with creative consciousness feels like we are trying to force things out of an existential anxiety that we will not achieve, or that we are not worthy of love or abundance if we do not put in effort. Inspired action, rather, is acting upon the powerful, sometimes subtle, intuitive impulses from our connection to universal intelligence, from our inner being. (Inspired actually means in-Spirit.) Inspired action, when we recognize it, can feel like we are not doing anything. When we take inspired action, there is no doubt, no resistance, that gets in the way of manifesting the full potential of the creative impulse moving through our unique channel. We “know” when to act based on how we feel through the body: joy, fun, clarity, ease, compassion, curiosity, excitement, and celebration—all are positive indicators that our action is aligned with universal intelligence and creative consciousness.

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