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"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

- Albert Einstein


"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi

At Imagine the Next Institute, our philosophy embodies and integrates mind, body, and spirit methods. We hold space for our participants to focus first on shaping themselves into the change they want to see in the world before stepping out to engage in the change they feel called to create.

We believe our methods of putting our focus inward and doing the deeper work to cultivate, integrate, and become the change we seek will ultimately shape the consciousness required to design a people, planet, spirit-centered world. 


A New Way To Graduate

As public schools cut funding for creative programs and expensive universities refuse to address the need for integrating mind-body-spirit work, students are feeling more dismissed, excluded, sidelined and uninspired by these conventional education systems. Imagine the Next Institute founder, Janine James, had a vision of creating space to offer those who crave a completely new way of learning in an innovative and supportive community. With Imagine the Next Institute’s first graduate, Katrina Purdy, that vision has come to life.

A Day of Becoming at Imagine The Next Institute

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Katrina's Story:

A Journey Into Imagine The Next

To Katrina, high school felt like a waste of time. She was uninspired, floating through life, unable to apply herself, and she no longer wanted to continue her education. Like many of our youth in a post-COVID world, depression was an on-going battle. But at Imagine the Next Institute, Katrina discovered the support she needed to find her way back to a healthy mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. She grew more confident, inspired, happier, more motivated, and even became excited to learn again. Katrina entered her senior year of high school at Imagine the Next Institute, where she took seriously the Institute's philosophy of focusing first on becoming the change you want to see in the world. 

Ace's Testimony:

Imagine the Next Institute, led by the visionary Janine, has been nothing short of transformative in my life. Before finding this remarkable institution, I was adrift, unsure of my potential and my place in the world. However, thanks to the nurturing environment and innovative approach to education at Imagine the Next, I have undergone a profound personal evolution.


Through a combination of spiritual practices, contemplation, meditation, and creative exploration, Imagine the Next has provided me with the space and guidance to unlock my true potential. Under Janine's leadership, the institute stands as a beacon of pioneering education, challenging traditional paradigms and empowering students to recognize the divine power within themselves.


Imagine the Next doesn't just teach subjects; it fosters a deep understanding of our inherent capacity to shape the world around us. By instilling regenerative practices and fostering a holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit, the institute equips students with the tools to not only envision a better future but also to actively create it.


My own journey is a testament to the profound impact of Imagine the Next. As a once broken and lost high school senior, I emerged from the institute as a confident and tenacious individual, armed with newfound self-belief and a clear vision for my future. Thanks to Imagine the Next, I have been awarded multiple full-ride scholarships to prestigious colleges that I never dreamed I could attend.


In conclusion, Imagine the Next Institute is not just a school; it is a catalyst for personal and societal transformation. With its innovative approach to education and commitment to empowering individuals, Imagine the Next has the potential to revolutionize the way we view learning and shape the future for generations to come. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities it has provided me and cannot wait to see the impact it will continue to have on the world.


Meet The Founder

Janine James

An early pioneer in design-thinking and founder of the successful NYC-based branding and design studio, The Moderns, Janine James used time-tested methods to shape the brand culture of some of the world’s most influential and environmentally sustainable brands (e.g., American Express, Planned Parenthood, Avada, Knoll, Sundance, and many more). While accomplishing what many only dream of, James’ greatest vision is to Imagine the Next. 

After completing her Masters in The Clinical Psychology of Education at the Spirituality, Mind, Body Institute at Columbia University Teachers College in New York City; James sold her business and migrated to Upstate New York where she began ascension work - releasing her to a higher vibration and an elevated level of creative consciousness. As more of society evolves into this higher consciousness, they no longer feel served by our current paradigm – its systems, structures, institutions, and social norms. 

Janine James found the need for a space where conscious creatives and communities can come together and find support in contributing to this new paradigm shift, and Imagine the Next Institute was manifested





Our planet and our global humanity are in urgent need of revolutionary creative solutions, free of any obligation to conform to our current paradigm

Many of our systems, structures, methods, and institutions require entirely new ideas that create a positive effect on people, planet, and spirit. Now more than ever, we will benefit from the brilliance of conscious creatives, who will serve as the catalyst and evolutionary drivers to inspire and support us to Imagine the Next. Imagine the Next Institute offers a space where these conscious creatives can come into full integration with their authentic selves and their authentic truths. From this integration, they more easily emerge with completely new and original concepts that will serve to create our next paradigm – one that reflects our human awakening.

Our methods embody a new way to create, experience, and cultivate creative consciousness. We are here to recognize and mentor brilliant and unconventional creative minds to bring their massively original ideas to manifestation, plunging us into our next, to support our integration of the radical change in our world that is upon us. 

Our vision is to support people to become the change they want to see in the world. We are here to create and imagine our next.

We are the NEXT Bauhaus ... The NEXT Black Mountain School ... We are the NEXT Becoming School ... We are Imagine the Next Institute.


Our purpose at Imagine the Next Institute is to operate at the highest level of creative consciousness, to support humanity in the arrival of this huge leap in evolution. We are unwavering in our commitment to encourage and support brilliant and diverse creatives to be in their own authentic knowing and living their authentic truth. This allows us to develop and innovate ideas that will shape and build new structures, systems, and institutions that will emerge as our new functioning paradigm. Our ideas are a reflection of our evolved thoughts, innovations, and practices for the evolution of our collective humanity.


Our mission is to be a newly original and multidisciplinary institute – a culture with methods that are integrated from the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. We dedicate ourselves to the encouragement, support, and mentoring of a diverse, worldwide community of gifted and unconventional creatives from an expansive array of disciplines. By offering the space to create and realize ideas – free from any obligation to our current methods, institutions, and structures – we can become leaders to create our NEXT paradigm – one that is focused on the people, the planet, and our spirit


We serve by being leaders, offering the premier institute for cultivating conscious creatives. Our institute is a global creative community in service to encourage, mentor, co-create and collaborate with an international community of diversely gifted and unconventional innovators. Our first priority is to help individuals to work through blockages that prevent them from coming into and integrating their authentic selves, thereby helping them learn to navigate in life from their authentic truth. We lead by example to help support and prepare creatives to be in their full knowing and become our next leaders. Our institute teaches and mentors using design methodologies that cultivate conscious creatives so they can realize their original ideas and innovative concepts to create entirely new systems, structures, and institutions.

What if The Bauhaus Existed Now?

How would it define good design today?


What would be taught?


Who would be their students?


How would they continue to evolve the human experience?

IMG_6835 2.jpg

Who are the Creatives?

These are only a few examples of The Creatives; the list is near-endless. What’s more important is that all who consider themselves or aspire to be conscious creatives are welcome in our community as participants who can feel free to discover and offer their gifts to humanity.

Future, current, and aspiring:

  • Acupuncturists

  • Architects

  • Artists

  • Athletes and movers

  • Biogeometry practitioners

  • Biologists

  • Chefs

  • Conscious scientists

  • Constellators

  • Dancers

  • Designers

  • Doctors and other healthcare practitioners

  • Energy workers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Farmers

  • Finance professionals

  • Human-centered and integrity-focused journalists and media professionals

  • Human-centered technologists, user experience experts, social media gurus

  • Intuitives and clairvoyants

  • Mind-body-spirit mentors

  • Musicians

  • Naturopaths

  • Physicists

  • Poets

  • Race car drivers

  • Sacred geometry masters

  • Spiritual healers

  • Transportation designers

  • Wellness professionals

  • Writers

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How Do We Serve?

Our first priority is to help individuals to work through blockages that prevent them from coming into and integrating their authentic selves, thereby helping them learn to navigate in life from their authentic truth. This includes various methods for deep emotional healing work as well as exploring the psycho-spiritual dimensions toward healing any trauma or resistance that keep us from embodying our authentic selves.

We emphasize creative consciousness and stress the cultivation of agility in developing the processes necessary to realize high level creative concepts.

We emphasize and stress the real creativity, vision, and innovation in designing and engaging in the process over the result. We agree with recent research and observation of the relationship between manual dexterity and advanced problem-solving skills. Therefore, every aspect of our curriculum emphasizes the development of advanced skills that require working with and/or cultivating the coordination necessary to work with our hands.


Our Ideal Participant

Age is not the criteria; awakening is. If you are ready to be your authentic self navigating from your awakened creative conscious, you are ready to learn at Imagine The Next Institute.

We offer our service to these diverse sets of people:

High school youths, grades 9-12


College students and college-aged students who are not sure that college is for them

Adults who are feeling called to step out of their current life in order to embody their creative mission and service

We offer 3 ways to explore our offerings:

The Curious

The Curious feel called to go beyond what they already know and how they identify themselves. They want to join us for an evening of meditation, an art class, a poetry reading, or a neuroscience presentation. The Curious want to dip their toes into our culture and share what we have to offer to spark their creative consciousness.

The Explorers

The Explorers have opened their passion beyond curiosity and want to dive deeper into the unknown. They desire to move beyond the limits of the mind that function primarily through the rational and the intellect. There is a strong desire and calling to connect into their higher levels of consciousness and creativity. Since they are at different stages of working with their gifts and realizing their purpose, the Explorer wants to engage more with their creative process – and with our work and offerings – through multi-session workshops, a series of classes, and regular engagement online and in person.

The Magicians

Magicians are ready to completely immerse themselves by jumping into the unknown – to take no thought and fully open themselves to cultivate and advance their creative consciousness. They long to transcend the limits of the rational mind and move beyond doing and achieving into being and becoming. Magicians are either looking to apply, or have been accepted to, our two-year program, received solutionist-in-residency grants, or they are visiting mentors, artists, and solutionists at Imagine The Next Institute.

1. Alignment

2. Uncertainty

3. Awareness

4. Discearnment

5. Authority

6. Integrity

7. Embodiment

8. Rhythm

9. Space

10. Balance

11. Resonance

12. Oneness

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